Knotty Brush Big Fecking Gold Comb

For beautiful waves!

This comb was designed to turn your curls from drab to fab!


Product Details

The Big Feckin Comb is very gentle and relaxing to use on the scalp. Using the comb to massage your scalp can improve circulation and relax a tired tight scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair

Curly hair girls and boys there are a few cardinal rules in the curly hair world. Curls are prone to a lot of frizz and dry limp looking curls also need extra product but here is where curly girls and boys go wrong they don’t distribute the product evenly through their hair. Our Big Feckin Comb can distribute products evenly, detangle without over stretching your curl formation. Wet combing is crucial step in curly hair as you know dry brushing creates simply in plain Irish terms Big Feckin bushy hair.


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